Glass Skin Pack For Windows 7 32/64 Bit

Skin packs are designed to change look of your system without changing system completely. Skin packs are collection of some system files that can take place after installing them.When you install skin packs on your computer, then it can replace their new files, images, effects and new user interface with your old system interface.You can also change these all files manually but we know the location of these files or it is accessible or not.

So to solve these problems, skin packs came into the picture. It is very easy to customize Windows operating system theme and also design and effects using skin packs.Not only this glass skin pack is available for windows operating system but there are thousands of more and amazing skin packs are available for free download for window based operating system.You can install Mac, Android, Linux, Angry Bird and many other skin packs on your computer for free.

One of the most interesting feature of windows 7 and later versions of windows is, you can actually customize them.There are so-many custom themes are available for Windows 7 and these themes can completely change look of your system.If you are bored, using the same color windows and same color folder, them you should try this unique skin pack for windows 7.

Glass Skin Pack is specially designed for windows 7.It is a theme pack for windows 7.There are many skin pack for windows 7 but this different.in this skin pack Your screen become Transparent Glass.Glass Skin Pack is a tool to automatically install the original beautiful theme, designed for Windows 7. After installation of this topic that you have open windows and other graphics will look more like a transparent glass plate, hence the name of the style is Glass Graphical user Interface.

For install this Skin pack, just download setup of Glass skin pack as your bit(32/64).Restart PC and change some necessary changes and make your screen like transparent glass.

Download here: Download (32 bit)(64 bit)

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